How To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

If you’ve been following home improvement news, you’ve probably heard that stylish small kitchens are the new big thing. But what is a small kitchen, and how can you make one look bigger?  Return to Basics, we say! As you probably know by now, we are all about making your kitchen look big on the inside and small on the outside. We love that about small kitchens too – that’s the beauty about them! 

You get to choose exactly how much bigger your kitchen should be, and you can adjust it as needed. We couldn’t be more proud of what we do at Return to Basics . So, how can you make your small kitchen look bigger without totally replacing your countertop? Here are 9 tips to make a small kitchen look bigger.

1. Use Color

Use Color  To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Color is an editorial tool in kitchen design. It lets you define the masses and the details. Red, orange, yellow, and green are all great colors for a small kitchen. And if you’re using a whiteboard or Pinterest, you can use those colors to your advantage too. Just make sure to keep it to a minimum in your kitchen!

2. Add geometric patterns

 add colored gel soybeans

Gel soybeans are the perfect size for a small kitchen. A layer of colored gel soybeans underneath your tablecloths can make a big difference. Yellow and red are the best for small spaces, while blue, green, and white are perfect for a big kitchen.

3. Use See-Through Elements 

A square door for small kitchen to look bigger

Rectangular, square, and circle doors are the new normal in small kitchen design. But you can still add other types of doors if you want to go large. A square door looks great with arugal tables, and a window is the perfect size for a small kitchen. A rectangle can go with almost anything, and even a wooden door that’s just a piece of poster art can look great.

4. Add Mirrors 

add kitchen mirror

Mirrors are a great way to make a difference in a small kitchen. They let you see everything and everything in its place. You can add shelves, drawers, and otherwise arrange or arrange your mirrors to suit your space. The beauty of mirrors is that you can create a large space with a small space without taking up too much space. The beauty of small kitchen design is that you can keep doing exactly what you love and not get overwhelmed by the details.

5. Choose Reflective Surfaces 

Choose Reflective Surfaces 

Reflective materials are nice for any small kitchen. Plankvitapeaks, wall hangings, and light fixtures are perfect for a small kitchen. You can also use clingfilm, plastic bags, and other absorbent materials for a small kitchen. They are easy to clean, and you can add a variety of colors to match the environment.

6. Opt For Open Shelving 

Opt For Open Shelving 

Most kitchen organizers are going to be big enough to handle a full-blown kitchen. But a small kitchen can benefit from having open shelves. This means more space for everything, and less space is taken up by appliances and tableware. You can also open the doors completely to let in the beautiful winter sunlight.

7. Goodbye Clutter, Hello Minimalism 

Cluttering your kitchen

Cluttering your kitchen can make any kitchen look big. If everything is cluttering your kitchen, you’re probably not taking full advantage of the space. A small kitchen is going to look small because everything will be centered on the countertop, and nothing is going to be massaged or heaped on top of everything.

8. Choose Slimmer Cabinets To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Choose Slimmer Cabinets To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Chippers and microwaves take up big space in small kitchens. But you can also choose to make your kitchen smaller by opting for smaller chippers and microwaves. A small kitchen is going to look bigger because there will definitely be more space between the cabinets and the countertop. But this space is going to look nice because it’s going to be centered on the countertop.

9. Stick To Clean Lines To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Stick To Clean Lines To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Mark Twain said, “Your kitchen floor should be your bedroom.” In a small kitchen, you need to take your space clean. You don’t need to clean the counters or the cabinets because they’re already done. You just need to take the floor space clean.

Final Thought

If you are ready to make your small kitchen feel even more like a bedroom, we have the perfect article for you. From the inside out, we love what we do at Return to Basics and our small kitchen. If you are looking for a new home, or you are looking to redo an old kitchen, we recommend the details. You will not be disappointed!

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