How to Create a Super Cute Nursery with Removable Wall Murals

How to Create a Super Cute Nursery with Removable Wall Murals

A nursery is the perfect place to introduce your little one to the world of art. With removable wall murals, you can create a super cute nursery that will be sure to delight them for years to come. There’s no shortage of cute, girly nurseries out there for inspiration. With your own twist and creativity, you can create your own DIY nursery in any spare room or corner with removable wallpaper! Let’s get started.

What look do you want to create?

The first step is to figure out the look you want to create. It can be as simple as picking a color palette or theme, such as pink, zebra or animal prints. Deciding on the look you want to create is a lot of fun! If your son or daughter is old enough, make sure you involve them in the process of choosing the colors, themes, designs and a lot more. It will be a fun way to build memories together.

Do you want your nursery to have a whimsical feel? 

Make it look like a fantasy room with unicorns, fairies and all things imaginary. If colorful pink is no longer your style, then go for neutral baby-friendly colors like white and brown. Depending on what you want to create, look at unique wall murals that add a twist to your nursery. They will bring out the personality in your child and cause them to see themselves or their friends as the animal or fairy that best represents them. With removable wall murals, you can create a super cute nursery!

Do you want it to have a rustic feel?

Accentuate the natural look of wood with simple, yet elegant designs with lots of light. It gives your child the feel of a rustic yet homey room and can be a good transition into becoming an adult. Pick out unique full wall murals that will complement the look of your room.

Do you want it to be feminine?

It can be all about pink, purple, green and black. If you want to go with neutral colors, then pick out something like black with white designs or pale neutral colors like cream. There are many adorable decorations on the market right now that will give your nursery the feminine touch it needs.

What about contemporary?

If you’re into clean lines and simplicity, go for bold, modern colors and patterns. It’s sure to be the focal point when friends and family visit! If your baby is a boy, consider going for sports-themed designs.

Match it with the furniture

After you’ve decided on the look of your nursery, go ahead and match it with your furniture. It’s better to make sure that what you want to create matches the rest of your home. You wouldn’t want a zebra nursery if you have more contemporary furniture, for instance.


It is inevitable that your baby’s room will grow and change over time. A removable wall mural is a good investment since it will provide you with endless options to keep your nursery fresh. However, before deciding on a design, make sure you have many ideas in mind first. You must decide on the theme, colors and designs before proceeding to buy customized wall murals.

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